Frequently Asked Questions

PROJECTS: I want to paint, landscape, or do some other project that involves the outside of my residence.  Where do I start? Please see the Architectural Review - "ARC Form" - under the documents link.  The ARC Form isn't an obstacle, it's an asset. You'll find it helps your project move from concept to completion more smoothly.  For more information about the Westwood Architectural Review Committee (the ARC), see the Westwood Club under the community links.  The ARC Form is submitted directly to the Westwood Club.  The ARC and our Board communicate about project applications, project status and related issues.  Typical projects that are consistent with our CC&R's and community standards don't involve any communication between the homeowner and our HOA Board. 
RULES: Where can I review our CC&Rs and "The Rules" for our HOA?  We all received the CC&Rs in the homeowner documents when escrow closed - but those are often challenging to dig out or sort through.  Please see the documents link for the CC&R's and an excerpt of the rules ('Use Restrictions') for your reference.  Who monitors and enforces the rules?  All the residents do.  The Board primarily relies on complaints from residents. The Board does not 'patrol' the neighborhood, but does consider action when violations are observed.  Consider sharing information via the Report an Issue or Violation link.

CRIME & DISORDER: How should I report suspicious activity or vehicles?  Report what you see to the San Diego Police and tell your neighbors.  Let's give our police officers a chance to do what they do best - prevent and suppress crime by acting on great information from the community.  See the information in the community links on our site.  We live in a great area - keeping things orderly and engaging police services when needed is like a one-two punch against crime.

INFRASTRUCTURE: How do I report a streetlight that's out, a broken sidewalk, a pothole or some problem with the street?  The City of San Diego maintains the roads and related infrastructure in our community.  See Get It Done in our community links or try the City's Get It Done app on your phone. It works!  If the city is unresponsive, submit the issue to the Board via the website form and we'll coordinate further action.

BILLS & DUES: To whom do I ask questions about bills or dues? Your Westwood Valley Legends HOA assessment is collected monthly, and you'll receive a notice by mail.  Please call (760) 500-9929 or submit questions via the Billing Question form.  Many members set up autopay in their checking accounts.  We are considering an online payment option - we'll let you know when that is available.  The Westwood Club bills all members annually under a separate invoice.

FINANCES: What do my dues pay for?  Most of the HOA's annual budget goes into landscaping and watering of the common areas which include significant slopes, firebreaks and tree trimming. Additionally, funds are spent on insurance, accounting and other expenses intended to protect the interests of the HOA and its members, to comply with California HOA regulations, and to conduct the business of the association.

CORRESPONDENCE: How do I receive correspondence via email or txt?  Please "register" as a member on our HOA website.  Please be aware that California law requires the HOA to provide some documents via paper mail regardless of the options provided for general correspondence.