HOA Meetings & Calendar

The HOA online calendar is for HOA business and incidents or events related to the execution of HOA business, or issues the HOA is aware of from the Westwood Club or the City of San Diego.

Westwood Valley Legends HOA Board generally meets the second Thursday of each month. There is no Board meeting in the month of December. The meeting is at 6pm and is held in the Adult Lounge at the Westwood Club and via videoconference. You can find login information in the online calendar. At least one person will always attend the Zoom meeting from the Westwood Club Adult Lounge in case any homeowners have trouble with their internet or logging in. Each Board meeting agenda is posted on the common board at the Westwood Club, and is attached to the HOA online calendar 72 hours in advance. Special Meetings will also have an agenda posted at the Westwood Club and in the HOA online calendar at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

For copies of meeting minutes please email us at [email protected]. Minutes are available to members (homeowners) only.

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